The History of Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee has played an important role in Turkish lifestyle and culture since the early days of the Ottoman Empire right though to present day. The Turkish love affair with coffee started in Constantinople (now Istanbul) back in 1554 when two traders from Damascus came to the great city and...

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Karaköy Lokantası

Karaköy Lokantası is a family run restaurant situated in the trendy Istanbul neighbourhood of Karaköy since 2000. As soon as you walk through the door of Karaköy Lokantası, you can't help but feel that you're in for a culinary delight. Every aspect of the restaurant as been clearly...

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Köfteci Hüseyin

Every once in a while throughout our lives we experience something that reminds us of the beauty of simplicity, Köfteci Hüseyin is one such example. As you enter Köfteci Hüseyin you are asked three questions that you'll be more than happy to answer "One portion or one and...

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The House Café – Ortaköy

The House Café is a popular restaurant chain primarily based in Istanbul that offers a modern mix of Turkish and international dishes. The Ortaköy branch of the House Café is located right next to the Bosphorus for an incredible view while you dine. At the House Café you will...

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