Istanbul food & drink overview: City guide

Turkish food is renowned as being among the great cuisines of the world. Now you all have probably had a Döner Kebab but there are probably more Kebab houses per square mile in London than Istanbul. The cuisine of Istanbul has a lot of variety and will cater for all needs whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover or seafood enthusiast.

Istanbul food & drink overview:

Beyoglu on the European side has many pubs, bars and clubs open to the early hours. Istanbul is a 24 hour city and there are always people about at all hours. You’ll be able to grab a bite at just about anytime of the night and if you want to try a local hangover cure check out the Iskembe outlets which offer a strong serving of tripe soup.

The Bosphorus districts of Ortakoy and Bebek offer swanky nightclubs on the shores of the Bosphorus which carry on into the late night. The up and coming area of Karakoy is home to hipsters – Istanbul’s answer to Shorditch.


Meanwhile Kadikoy is the place to be if you are situation on  the Asian side of Istanbul. The market area near the port is an assault on the senses. You can sample local food or even pick a fish for an on the spot barbecue alongside the local Raki – be careful, they call this alcoholic drink Lions milk for good reason, it is VERY strong! The nearby Moda area is a trendy part of town while Üsküdar is home to most of the historical sites on the eastern side of the city. Bağdat Caddesi is great places to grab a beer and go people watching in one of the more affluent high streets in the city.