Apple Store now open in Istanbul

Update – 5th April 2014

Apple has officially opened its first store in Istanbul to the general public. The press was fortunate enough to gain access to the store a day earlier to visit what was called a ‘unique Apple Store’ by the companies CEO Tim Cook. It was reported that both Tim Cook and Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül were both going to attend the opening of the store however this proved not to be the case. Tim Cook did take to Twitter to thank Apples Turkish patrons.

The launch of the store was a success with a large crowd queuing around Besiktaş’s Zorlu Centre, eager to get there hands on some of there favourite products. The staff of the new store excited the crowd by starting a chant for the stores first customer Mustafa, which can be seen on YouTube here –

Original Article – 4th November 2013

Apple, one of the worlds most loved technology brands is set to open a new store in Istanbul. This will be Apple’s first store in Turkey and is rumoured to be opening in Istanbul’s new luxury shopping mall, the Zorlu Centre which is in the Beşiktaş district. Apple CEO Tim Cook first announced plans of expanding their operations in Turkey back in February which since has generated a lot of excitement in the region. Currently you can purchase Apple products in Turkey from many leading retailers including Turkcell,  Saturn and the authorised Apple resellers Troy, but Apple and their consumers will no doubt benefit from having their own official store. Samsung has had a dominant high street presence in Istanbul for sometime now with their own official Samsung stores in many popular locations such as Istiklal Caddesi.

In addition to Apples new retail store, they have also for the first time launched their official online store in Turkey which can be found at E-commerce in Turkey is still in its infancy with a huge boom expected over the next couple of years and Apple’s online store may prove to be the spark that gets more of the Turkish public shopping online.