‘Ertuğrul 1890’ Movie tells the tale of Turkish-Japanese friendship to a new Generation

‘Ertuğrul 1890’ is a dramatic retelling of when 69 Ottoman sailors were rescued from the ‘Ertuğrul’ ship which sank on its return journey from its goodwill voyage to Japan. The motion picture also tells of an event which occurred 95 years later when then Turkish President Turgut Özal ordered the rescue of 215 Japanese citizens from Iran’s capital, Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war in 1985.

Ertuğrul 1890 is a welcome reminder of Turkish and Japanese friendship and has received praise from representatives from both countries. At the films premier in Tokyo, messages from both Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were read to the audience where both leaders shared their praise for those who had worked on the movie.

The director of Ertuğrul 1890, Mitsubishi Tanaka recently told Anadolu Agency “I wanted future generations to know this friendship; I did my best for a movie Turks and Japanese would be moved by.” emphasising the bond between the two nations.

The release of Ertuğrul 1890 has also ignited many recent cultural exchanges between Turkey and Japan including a Turk Sanat Music orchestra visiting Japan to introduce traditional Turkish Classical music to a new audience.