Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae

Nusret Gökçe may be known across Turkey as the owner of the appropriately named Nusr-Et  Steakhouse chain but he has now become an overnight sensation as the widely recognised Salt Bae.

Celebrities from all over the world travel to Nusret’s restaurants in both Turkey and Dubai and its not hard to see why. Floyd Mayweather, Roger Federer and Arsenal Football Club’s Mesut Ozil have dined at Nusret’s restaurants.

Ellin yumrugunu yemiyen kendi yumrugunu balyos sanarmis dedi @floydmayweather

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Birğün herkes yiyicek dedi🔪 @m10_official

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Nusret posts photos and videos daily showcasing his impressive butchery skills all with his sunglasses staying firmly in place. The video below shows how Nusret earned his nickname #SaltBae with his signature move where he sprinkles salt in a way that will be inspiring memes for years to come.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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In Turkish the word ‘Et’ translates to the word ‘Meat’ which maybe seen as a sign from above that Nusret was going to become on of the popular meat masters on the face of the earth.

With over one million followers on Instagram, we can only see Nusr-Et and his steakhouses gaining evening more popularity and deservedly so. Once you have experienced a steak at Nusr-Et, it is hard to go back. We highly recommend Nusr-Et in Emirgan, Istanbul, but we live in hope that Nusr-Et makes its way to major cities across the world such as London, New York & Tokyo.