Turkey’s Istanbul Atatürk now the third busiest airport in Europe

A Bloomberg report has stated that the Istanbul Atatürk Airport is now the third busiest Airport in Europe.

The report went onto state that the Atatürk Airport has overtaken Frankfurt Airport to enter the top three busiest airports based on 2015 passenger numbers.

The increase in traffic at the Atatürk Airport comes as a result of rapid expansion while strikes at Lufthansa hurt the German hub.

Bloomberg also stated that London Heathrow remains as Europe’s busiest airport, while Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport is ranked second.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport recorded an 8.2 percent jump since 2014 to 61.32 million in 2015.

The airport which is operated by Turkey’s TAV has cementing its status as a global hub to rival those of Gulf carriers such as Dubai-based Emirates.

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