Cat friendly Imam in Istanbul

In Istanbul’s historical Üsküdar district, Imam Mustafa Efe of the Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque has been bringing a smile to the mosques visitors. Imam Efe has been reported to be allowing cats to enter the mosque during times of cold weather to provide them with warm shelter. In recent weeks the Imam has been posting pictures of these cats, much to the delight of the mosques visitors on social media.

Imam Mustafa Efe

Imam Efe also posted a video on his Facebook page of a mother cat carrying her kitten into the mosque to be with its siblings. In his own words he said “Our mosque’s Friday guests, A surprise awaiting us at the sermon today, The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy…”

His kindness has resonated with people all over the world and especially with the team at Turkey Discovered. Watch the video for your self below.