Turkish Tea Time – Learn Turkish, the Natural Way

American expat Justin Cannon has taken a fresh approach to language learning with his online platform Turkish Tea Time.

Turkish Tea Time offers 136 lessons covering a wide range of practical topics that you would use in everyday life in Turkey. Each podcast covers grammar, vocabulary, speaking exercises and a quiz in a conversational entertaining way to help you learn the language in a faster, more natural way.

The podcasts are divided into different levels, “newbie,” “beginner,” “intermediate,” and “advanced.” however they are all mixed in a clever way to help you learn what you need to know, fast. Justin founded Turkish Team Time with Büşra Yakut from the Linguistics Department of Boğaziçi University. “Büşra has an extremely academic and deep knowledge of the Turkish language, and I bring my real experiences from learning to make the podcasts relatable and relevant,” Justin went onto say about his partnership with Büşra.

Justin describes Turkish as “very formulaic and consistent” which is also why Turkish is considered one of the more easier languages to learn. Check out Turkish Tea Time using one of the links below.

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