Rumeli Hisari

Rumeli Hisari is a fortress that was built by order of Sultan Mehmet II as part of the preparation siege of the great city of Constantinople, now known as Istanbul. The strategically placed fortress was used to control military traffic and trade into the city. Today Rumeli Hisari is primarily a museum where you can   explore the fortress in its entirety and enjoy stunning views of the Bosphorus and of the asian side (Anadolu) of Istanbul.

The Fortress is located at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus on the European side of Istanbul and is comprised of one small tower, three main towers, and thirteen small watchtowers placed on the walls connecting the main towers. Rumeli Hisari was built between 1451 – 1452 and is one of the many highlights of Istanbul. The Bosphorus boat tour sails past Rumeli Hisari but its when your inside the fortress do you get a true feel for its history.

When visiting Rumeli Hisari, be sure to have comfortable walking shoes as the steps can be very steep. We also recommend spending time in Ortaköy on your way back from Rumeli Hisari for a wonderful evening by the Bosphorus.

How to get there

Taking the 25E bus (Kabataş—Sarıyer) to Rumeli Hisari from Kabataş is the easiest way reach the fortress. Get of the bus at the Rumeli Hisarı stop. Alternatively you can walk to Rumeli Hisari along the Bosphorus all the way from Kabataş past the Dolmabahçe Palace if you have some time spare.

Opening Hours

Rumeli Hisari is open daily except Monday between 9.30am and 5.00pm

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee is 10 Turkish Lira or free if you have purchased the Istanbul Museum Pass.