The House Café – Ortaköy

The House Café is a popular restaurant chain primarily based in Istanbul that offers a modern mix of Turkish and international dishes. The Ortaköy branch of the House Café is located right next to the Bosphorus for an incredible view while you dine.

At the House Café you will find a menu with dishes to suit every taste. Each branch serves breakfast, lunch and dinner which makes the restaurant a great choice anytime of the day. The menu’s are updated in the summer and winter to accommodate seasonal changes and according to the official website “world trends and customer feedbacks are evaluated in the new menu preparations”. During my recent stay in Istanbul I visited the House Café several times so I could try a variety of their dishes. One of my favourites was the steamed salmon & vegetable couscous which I’m happy to report was cooked to perfection.

The House Café is definitely the place to go for good food and its beverage selection doesn’t disappoint either. A wide selection of soft drinks, tea and alcoholic beverages are available as you would expect and there is also a specials selection. The specials selection features two popular options that in Turkey no menu should be without, home made Limonota (Turkish lemonade) and Ayran (a Turkish yogurt drink). For those of you with a sweet tooth the House Café has delicious deserts including ‘Mums home made apple pie’ and their delicious ‘Ice cream cake’.

The House Café has indoor and outdoor seating, with the indoor section notably empty during the summer months. At the end of the outdoor section there is a decking area with several tables lined up that are right next to the water front. If you want to impress that special someone, this is where you want to be sitting for the most intimate dinning experience. As well as the cool sea breeze you have a spectacular view of both the Bosphorus bridge and Istanbul’s Asian side. Undoubtably this is the most popular seating area in the restaurant and should be reserved in advance.

The House Café has a great atmosphere everyday of the week and on the weekends the restaurant has a live DJ. You’ll also notice that the restaurant has its own boat for Istanbul’s elite which you will see parking up at the back of the restaurant with people jumping off and then being escorted to their table.

An average meal with drink and desert will set you back between 50 and 70 Lira which in sterling at the time of writing this article is no more than £22. You may want to wait until the end of your trip before visiting the House Café because you may not want to eat anywhere else afterwards.