Köfteci Hüseyin

Every once in a while throughout our lives we experience something that reminds us of the beauty of simplicity, Köfteci Hüseyin is one such example. As you enter Köfteci Hüseyin you are asked three questions that you’ll be more than happy to answer “One portion or one and a half? Salad? Drink?”

Köfteci Hüseyin started in 1958 as a street vendor around Istiklal Caddisi. Today his son carries on his legacy with an unrivalled family recipe that will leave you planning your next trip to this wonderful little eatery. On Friday 12th February 2016 the 5 story building of which Köfteci Hüseyin occupies the ground floor collapsed. The cause of the collapse is believed to be due redevelopment of the building. Thankfully nobody was harmed due to this unfortunate incident. Less than one month later Köfteci Hüseyin has reopened directly opposite its old location and its business as usual proving you can’t keep a good Köfte down!


First to arrive on the table is half a loaf of fresh crusty bread followed by your main which comes with 6 Köfte pieces, sliced tomatoes, onions with a touch of parsley and a delicious chilli sauce. Next, how you devour the Köfte is up to you. Unlike regular restaurants that you will be accustomed to, Köfteci Hüseyin isn’t open until a set time everyday. Once the köfte is finished the shop closes which usually occurs after 2pm. The only negative we have about Köfteci Hüseyin is that the taste is so good, it makes it hard for you to enjoy Köfte anywhere else!

How to get there